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Bay County Christian Youth Choir Videos

Tour and Promotional Videos

BCCYC Promo Video - Short

BCCYC Promo Video - Long

Choir Tour 2022

Choir Tour 2016


Choir Tour 2013


Choir Tour 2015

East Coast

Choir Tour 2012

Midwest/Northern Michigan

Choir Tour 2014

South East

Choir Tour 2011

Canada/East Coast

Concert and Performance Videos

BCCYC Tour 2022 Homecoming Concert, Grace Presbyterian Church, Panama City, FL

BCCYC Tour 2016 Homecoming Concert, 

First Baptist Church, Panama City, FL

BCCYC Tour 2014 Homecoming Concert,  First Presbyterian Church, Panama City, FL

BCCYC Tour 2013 Concert at Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, AZ

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