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Ordinary Time is pleased to be associated with the BCCYC and was privileged to perform a benefit concert for them.  We realize the importance of this community-wide ministry in training the next generation to worship and honoring our rich heritage of hymns in the church.”   (

 -Ordinary Time members Peter LaGrand, Ben Keyes, Jill McFadden



“King’s Brass recognizes the importance of hymns and new songs of worship, and we believe that the BCCYC has a vital and important mission in bringing the music of the church to high school students.  We were pleased to partner with the BCCYC in a benefit concert, and wish the ministry the best! 

 -Tim Zimmerman and the King’s Brass (


 “My previous church thoroughly enjoyed hosting the Bay County Christian Youth Choir last summer. We had a simple meal ready for them when they arrived. The program was powerful and well put together. But I think what impacted our congregation the most was the opportunity to host choir members in our homes that evening.  So many of our church families sought me out to tell me what a delight the students were, and how much they appreciated fellowshipping with them.  I look forward to hosting the choir at my new church in the future!” ​

​-Jill McFadden, former Director of Worship Arts, Central Presbyterian Church, Towson, Maryland​


​"I can hardly think back on my middle and high school years without reflecting on my experiences in youth choir. Choir helped me build confidence early on through building relationships with fellow choir members, meeting (and staying with) new people on tour, and having a speaking part at the concerts. Later on, as I became one of the older choir members, it also taught me about leadership and responsibility. Not only did we learn how to sing in a choir, we learned how to worship. Through choir tours I have had unbelievable opportunities to travel the country and see so many places that I might not have seen otherwise, from Key Largo to British Columbia. As an 8th grade boy who had some...well...pitch problems, Mr. Zimmerman guided me and helped give me the confidence to continue on singing throughout high school and even into college in various choirs. I am excited about the ministry of the BCCYC and the opportunities that are available to the young people in Bay County"!​

​​​​-Stephen Moss, former intern at Reformed University Fellowship (University of Tennessee)​


"Being a part of a youth choir directed by Mr. Zimmerman was the single most positive influential experience of my high school years. I continue to use the public speaking and performing skills I learned during that time in my work for various charitable organizations here in Nashville and also in my "work" as the wife of a busy musician having to meet many new people and attend music related events. I even continue to share the joy of the music we learned in choir with my son. Youth choir engrained in me the sweetness of worship through song, which has become a cornerstone of our own family worship time.  Danny and I are supportive of the BCCYC!"  ​

-Leah Jensen-Rader​


"My time in youth choir directed by Nevin Zimmerman was not only a fantastic experience musically, but it was also a time filled with spiritual and theological insight that truly helped shape my perception of the Lord in a deeply profound way. I cannot say enough great things about his ability to shepherd young believers in a positive way that ends up being as much of a blessing to those making the music as it is to those listening to the concerts. My wife and I are thankful for the continued ministry of the BCCYC!"​

​-Danny Rader, musician/writer/producer and touring with Keith Urban ​


“In the Ukraine, I watched Roger McMurrin organize the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus almost 20 years ago, and this choir and orchestra (which is now famous and travels world-wide) developed a reputation for bringing in members that had never been involved with a church.  They found that after singing Christian music for a year or two, many of these same members then decided to join churches!   The BCCYC, an independent Christian choir, operates like the Kiev choir; you don’t have to be a church member to join or to continue singing great, Christian music.  Although many of the choir members already belong to local churches, my prayer is that the choir experience will demonstrate to the others their need to join and worship at a local church!” 

   ​-Dr. Richard Watson, Pastor Emeritus of First Presbyterian Church, Panama City and President of the Ukraine Biblical Seminary ​


​“It was an absolute joy to have the BCCYC visit our small town of Hanford, California.  First Presbyterian was proud to host such a delightful group of students—and so talented! Their performance was a truly a blessing to us all, and their wide variety in music selection meant that there was something for everyone.  Our church has all different ages and backgrounds, and everyone had an incredible experience.  We cannot thank BCCYC enough for visiting.” ​

​-Julie LeFils, First Presbyterian Church, Hanford, California

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