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Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Questions:


Can you explain how summer tour works?  At the beginning of each summer, we take a cross-country tour. Tour typically lasts 5-10 days. We sing in almost every city that we pass through! We have given concerts at churches, schools, nursing homes, public parks, campgrounds, and even amusement parks! Summer 2022 will be our first tour since the summer of 2019. We travel on a charter bus and stay in hotels and campgrounds along the way. Our final stop is always our home of Panama City, FL, where we give our homecoming concert for local friends and family.


If I have a relative that lives in a city we plan to pass through, can that relative provide a concert opportunity?  Yes! We are always excited to have more opportunities to sing!


Can friends and relatives come to the concerts?  YES - we want them to!


Do I have to bring nice clothes for “Smooth Night”?  You don’t have to, but you are encouraged to!  Gigi always has a special night planned for us, and the “night out” has always been a popular event.  


What if I don’t want to do an activity?  This SELDOM happens.  Since all activities are paid for, you must go to everything unless you clear it with Gigi and convince her you are sick or have another great reason. The bad news for those that sit something out is that they are probably stuck with Mr. & Mrs. Z. ;)


Will there be free time on tour?  Very little — the tour is planned to fill your entire day.


What do we do on the bus?  First, you have a great time with your friends.  We have a bus sign-up for seats starting with the oldest, but you don’t have to sit in your seat.  Having a seat just means it is there if you want it.  Second, we also have a Bible study each day; this is usually a video of a sermon or teaching series. If we watch a movie, it will be appropriate for all ages.


Do I need to fill out all the forms?  YES!


Can a choir member leave during the tour to go on a family vacation or other event?  No; the tour is not over until the end of the homecoming concert and choir members cannot leave during the tour.  Attendance at the homecoming concert is mandatory and is NOT optional. There have been few exceptions and they must be cleared well in advance.


Will some activities or camps require parents to sign waivers?  Yes; they always do if your child is under 18.  They will be provided to you as soon as we get them. 


Do you have a list of what to take on tour?  We will provide you with a packing list prior to tour.   


How many suitcases can each choir member bring? Each choir member is limited to one medium sized suitcase, and a carry-on to the bus that is then used for the homestays.


Will the choir members be challenged spiritually?  Yes; our prayer is that each choir member would see choir tour as a mission trip to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  The time spent together creates a sense of “family;” and the shared memories with other choir members will last a life time.  Please bring a small Bible; we will have Bible studies the nights we are in hotels and at the camp, and we will also have video studies on the bus.  The adventure of living with each other in a Christ-like manner is a critical part of what is learned by each student.


Money issues:


What is the cost per student for the tour?  Tour fees range between $700 and $1000 depending on the tour (see information about pre-payment discounts)


What does the tour fee cover?  ALL activities, lodging, food and transportation except for five or six “fast food” type meals and any discretionary spending money.


What do I need to do to qualify for a scholarship?  Fill out the form and tell Nevin what assistance you think you will need.  You must talk with Nevin; it is his job to total up the needs and ask the community to help financially.  He can’t do his job unless you TALK to him.  Please talk with him if you need a scholarship! WE WANT YOU TO GO ON TOUR!


What if I am not for certain what my financial need is?  That’s fine; still fill out the form and take a guess at what you can pay, or what your family or your church might be able to contribute. We will help you with getting fundraising opportunities.  If your estimate turns out incorrect, your financial assistance will be adjusted accordingly.


Why do we need to start paying for the tour early?  One reason is that we have reservation and other costs that are paid early. Another reason is that it helps you plan and tells us something about your commitment to go on tour.  


If I have to cancel, do I get any of my tour fee money back?  Except for the nonrefundable deposit, we will be glad to refund to you those costs that have not been spent; however, many tickets and other events are purchased weeks in advance and those costs cannot be recouped.


Does the tour fee represent 100% of the cost of the trip?  No; a total of $25,000 or more is donated to the choir to reduce the cost of your trip. This takes the form of over $10,000 in cash donated to reduce the overall cost of the tour PLUS another $15,000 in value that will be donated by local churches on tour in the form of meals and lodging. The actual value of the trip per student is approximately $1,500 - $2000 depending on the tour. In addition to the overall reduction in cost contributed by BCCYC, the BCCYC also raises money for the scholarship fund.


Can my friends and relatives donate to the BCCYC Scholarship fund?  Yes; the BCCYC is a 501c3 tax exempt entity and will accept donations for its scholarship fund. Check out the donation button on our website to make a contribution.


Will there be any fundraising opportunities before we leave?  Yes; we try to come up with a couple throughout the year but are open to suggestions of ideas as we don't have the time to come up with many ourselves!

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